Covid-19 Protocols


Please be aware of our new rules and protocols below

We are extending appointments longer to allow more time in between patients for sanitizing of rooms and equipment after every patient.  This may cause some delays in your appointment start time.  Please be patient with us. 

Virtual Waiting Room: When you arrive, you will text the following link to let us know that you have arrived at the office:

Click on the link when you arrive and check in. Enter your name and phone number. This virtual waiting room allows you to wait in the safety of your vehicle until it is your turn. We also have a bench outside the building that you are welcome to use if there is no one on it. 

  • Please Do NOT leave your car or come in the building until we call you back that it is your turn.

  • Please no extra bags or luggage- just the minimum purse if at all possible

  • Please reschedule if you are the least bit sick!! We will not charge you a late cancel fee for this. We will be checking temperatures upon arrival to the office

  • You must wear a mask, t-shirt, scarf, or other facial covering over your nose and mouth upon entrance into the building. We will take it off prior to your treatment if deemed necessary.

  • Please walk straight to the sink to wash your hands upon entrance to the treatment room.

  • If you do not follow our guidelines, you WILL be asked to leave and will NOT be serviced. 



Due to the regulations given to us from the Texas Medical Board and the Texas Health Department; also for the safety of you and our staff, all providers will be wearing mask and/or face shields during your appointment.