I have been in the beauty industry for over  seventeen years. As first generation born to Vietnamese immigrant parents, I grew up in the nail salon business. During these years, I've watched the health of many service providers decline from using chemically inflicted products on clients.  I always knew that there must be a better way to be pampered. With changing times, comes changing technology. More and more of my peers are becoming passionate about the holistic and natural way of life. Natural and organic products are more easily accessible with time and the continuation of research.  Many women put harmful chemicals into and onto their bodies because they think that is the only option with beauty products. With a background in Health Sciences, I know that the skin is the largest organ in the human body.  What we put ON our skin is just as important as what we put IN our body; both affect the well being of our entire body (skin included!). The next time you slather on that chemical laden lotion or soak in a toxic tub, remember that your skin absorbs a large percentage of what you put on it.


So I’m bringing to you a company that will only provide the purest, most natural and effective products. I will prove to you that not only will you be pampered here, my staff and I will make you look and feel your best with the highest quality ingredients for your body.

This is my passion, my mission and I will make it worthwhile for all of us.